Golden Walls
by 40/40 Creative
lehours bundall-15.jpg


Bundall 88 is a new development on the Gold Coast that’s divided into speciality stores, a service station and cafe. Our task was to create a series of artworks that would be considered as an outdoor graffiti gallery along the drive-thru area and entrance of the cafe. Featured artists include John Kaye and Alex Lehours.

bundall 88-11.jpg
lehours bundall-26.jpg
lehours bundall-60.jpg
lehours bundall-27.jpg
lehours bundall-15.jpg
lehours bundall-25.jpg
lehours bundall-12.jpg
lehours bundall-9.jpg
lehours bundall-8.jpg
bundall 88-6.jpg
bundall 88-7.jpg
bundall 88-10.jpg
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lehours bundall-71.jpg
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lehours bundall-68.jpg
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